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Your character's statistics modifies his or her capability with most coded activities. Your stats can range from 1-100, modified by racial bonuses or penalties. In addition to the base statistic, each stat also defines a Statistic Bonus equal to (Stat - 50).

Example: A Dexterity score of 60 produces a Dexterity Bonus of +10. A Strength score of 30 produces a Strength Bonus of -20.


During character generation (chargen), a player chooses his character's base statistics.

Stat focus

The first step in choosing a character's statistics is deciding between physical and mental focus. The focused stat group can total 275 points, while the lesser group may only total 225 points. Generally, a character should focus on the statistics commonly used by their profession.

Applying points

After choosing focus, the player must allocate the points to the statistics of their character as desired. All points must be used, and each stat can have between 1 and 100 points allocated to them, which is then added to the racial modifier to create the base statistic.

Example: A Sylvan Muir character spends 100 points in Strength and 100 points in Reasoning. After modifiers, he has a base Strength of 90 and Reasoning of 114.



Strength represents a character's ability to apply physical power. Each point of bonus adds or subtracts 2 from the character's base item carrying capacity of 250.

Linked Skills: Armor, Shields (Useable shield category, and defense bonus if higher than reflexes), Parry (Power weapons, and hybrid if higher than Reflexes)


Endurance represents a character's overall health and hardiness. The Endurance bonus applies to a character's Vitality, Stamina, and limb vitality, as well as to resisting physical effects such as poison.

Linked Skills: Conditioning


Dexterity represents a characters ability to apply precise deliberate action. The dexterity bonus effects the offense of all weapons and attacks, along with bolt spells, as well as success with most careful activities such as lockpicking, stealth, and mechanisms.

Linked Skills: Archery, Kinesis, Larceny, Lockpicking, Mechanisms, Skinning, Stealth, Throwing, Unarmed Combat


Reflexes represents a character's ability to react to sudden events. Effects Precision weapon damage

Linked Skills: Evasion and Dodging, Parry (Precision weapons, and Hybrid if higher than Strength), Shields (If higher than Strength)


Reasoning represents a character's ability to apply logic and careful thought.

Linked Skills: Alchemy, Gnosis, Lockpicking, Mechanisms, Metallurgy, Sorcery, Tactics


Wisdom represents a character's ability to connect with the world around them, as well as spiritual beings.

Linked Skills: Animal Handling, Channeling, First Aid, Fishing, Foraging, Gnosis, Lore, Observation, Outdoorsman


Will represents a character's force of mind. The Will bonus applies to the duration of Mercenary abilities and resisting special mental effects.

Linked Skills: Focus, Gnosis


Intelligence represents a character's basic mental acuity and memory. The Intelligence bonus applies to spell duration as well as experience buffer capacity.

Linked Skills: Enchanting

Effects of Statistics

Damage Modifiers

Many statistics have an impact on the kinds of damage that a character can do. In addition, all damage modifiers are capped at (level * 2)% efficiency, stopping at 100% at level 50.

Power damage is determined by your Strength bonus or 1/2 of your Strength + Dexterity Bonus.

Precision damage is determined by your Reflexes bonus or 1/2 your Reflexes + Dexterity Bonus.

Arcane damage is determined by 3/4 Reasoning + 1/4 Intelligence Bonus or 3/4 Intelligence + 1/4 Reasoning.

Astral damage is determined by 3/4 Wisdom + 1/4 Intelligence Bonus or 3/4 Intelligence + 1/4 Wisdom.

Vedic damage is determined by 3/4 Will + 1/4 Intelligence Bonus or 3/4 Intelligence + 1/4 Will.


Vitality is equal to (150 + Endurance Bonus + (Conditioning / 7 * (1 + .01 * Endurance bonus))).

Stamina is equal to (100 + (Endurance Bonus * 2) + (Conditioning / 7 * (1 + .01 * Endurance bonus))).

Willpower is equal to (50 + (Will Bonus) + (Gnosis / 7)).

Essence is slightly more complex, equal to (50 + Profession Modifier + Intelligence Bonus + (Gnosis / 7) * (1 + .01 * Intelligence bonus))

Profession Modifier is equal to:

Arcanist: Reasoning Bonus

Bard: Will Bonus

Channeler: ((Reasoning Bonus + Will Bonus) / 2)

Cleric: Wisdom Bonus

Druid: Wisdom Bonus

Empath: ((Will Bonus + Wisdom Bonus) / 2)

Illusionist: ((Reasoning Bonus + Will Bonus) / 2)

Monk: Wisdom Bonus

Ranger: Wisdom Bonus

Wizard: Reasoning Bonus

Skill Modifiers

Each skill in the game is linked to a skill and modifies that skill by its statistic bonus. See the statistics descriptions above for lists linked skills.

Example: A character with a Will of 60 (Will Bonus of +10) and a Focus of 10 has an effective Focus of 20.

Three skills have exceptional modifiers.

Armor is modified by Strength Bonus. If it goes negative (such as when a newly created character has a negative bonus and no Armor skill), the character labors under a penalty to all their defenses until the modified Armor skill is greater than or equal to 0.

Gnosis is linked to three statistics: Reasoning, Will and Wisdom. When resisting a Warding spell, your Gnosis is modified by the appropriate statistic based on what kind of magic it is.

Arcane is modified by Reasoning Bonus.

Astral is modified by Wisdom Bonus.

Vedic is modified by Will Bonus.

Shield skill is modified by Reflexes or Strength Bonus (Whichever is higher) for defensive purposes, but the size of shield you can wield without penalty is based on your Strength Bonus.

Additionally, above level 50 a multiplier is applied to contested rolls equal to (Level-50) * 2%

Example: A level 75 character with 100 reflexes will have an evasion modifier of +75

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