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The world of Thrael is expansive and full of detail. This level of detail, however, creates a level of frustration when interaction is purely text based. This article will list a variety of commands and methods one can use to ease daily life in Thrael.




appraise <item> is an extremely useful command. In all cases, it will list the weight and quality of an item, and whether or not it will accept dye.


When appraising containers, the output indicates how many items and how much weight a container can carry at one time.

appr ruck
Your scorched brown leather rucksack looks to be worth about 3087 sovereigns. 
It appears to weigh approximately 46 pounds. 
It appears as though the material of it will not accept dye. 
It is of average quality (100). 
It can hold 100 items up to a total of about 60 pounds. 
It is worn on the back.
Round Time: 3 seconds.


Appraising a weapon will reveal whether it's a precision, power, or hybrid weapon, as well as what attacks are possible with it.

Your long high steel gladius looks to be worth about 320875 sovereigns. 
It appears to weigh approximately 1 pound. 
It appears as though the material of it will not accept dye. 
It is of average quality. 
It can be used with one hand. 
Its use benefits from raw power. 
It looks like it would take 2 seconds to thrust for puncturing damage and 1 seconds to be ready again. 
It looks like it would take 2 seconds to slash for slashing damage and 1 seconds to be ready again.
Round Time: 3 seconds.

The appraise command also displays verbs that might be used on an item.


The wares command is absolutely invaluable when dealing with merchants. Often, their wares are scattered across many containers and use a variety of adjectives. Dealing with this can be frustrating. The output of the wares command without any arguments lists containers that a merchant stores purchasable goods in or on, as well as lists any NPCs who might offer training or tags.

The wares command also accepts an argument, a substring to search for in all purchasable items in a shop. This is extremely useful for finding all of a certain item available.

wares ring
Here is a list of all items matching "ring" that are for sale here: 

-> square mithryl ring banded with silvered glass 
-> burnished silver ring set with intaglio glass doves 
-> burnished silver ring inset with etched glass doves 
-> lustrous silver toe ring 
-> shining silver toe ring 
-> amber-set gold signet ring.


The restock <item> command is useful when you do not the aesthetic qualities of an item a merchant is selling. This command causes the merchant to remove one item that is currently on display and replace it with a new one. This command can be used more than once until the merchant places an item on display with the desired aesthetic qualities with a roundtime of 20 seconds.

restock purse
You ask Geladric about changing his wares.
Geladric removes an embroidered forest green leather purse from an oak shelf.
Round Time: 20 seconds.
Geladric leans on his broom as he looks over a leather-trimmed tawny burlap purse before setting it 
on on an oak shelf.


This section is for tips not directly involving commands; good habits and practices could be listed here, perhaps with a subsection for each profession.

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