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Fishing is an excellent way to earn money and experience, without the risk of combat. (Mostly)



Training your fishing skill can only be accomplished by speaking to a trainer or by sitting down and fishing. Fishing is one of the activities that actively scale to your skill rank; no matter where you fish or what your skill rank is, risks and rewards will be balanced specifically for your skill rank.


To fish, you will need a fishing pole, some bait, and a container to put fish into. Fishing poles and bait can be bought in several places, including Biljum's Bait and Tackle (7) in Kaezar, and Grawlat's Fishing Shack (18) in Kemstead.

You may also purchase bait in the galley of the Imperial Star ferry for a reduced price.

If you are lucky, you may also obtain fishhooks in various styles and materials as a random treasure from fishing. If you have a hook, simply attach hook to pole and it will then automatically provide a bonus to your fishing rolls. If you wish to stop using the hook at any time, detach hook from pole.

Although any container will work for fishing, specialized nets are sold at Beil's Fish Market (12), in Kaezar.


While holding your bait item and fishing pole in hand:

  1. bait pole with <bait>
  2. cast pole
  3. pull pole until a fish is caught or the line breaks.

If you wish to dispose of the fish humanely:

  • throw fish

If keeping the fish:

  1. slap fish
  2. get fish from my pole
  3. put fish in <container>

Repeat as desired. Be aware that you may pull up other things besides fish. These include trash, bait, boxes, and (rarely) monsters.

Selling fish

To sell your catch, simply take it to Beil's Fish Market (12), in Kaezar, or Grawlat's Fishing Shack (18) in Kemstead. Fish may also be sold to merchants in Never-Upon-Vinre, Briarbrook, and Trapper's Landing, among other places.

sell <container> with the container in your hand. You may also sell the fish individually.

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