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Horses in UL are generally unsurprising; they require Animal Handling to ride and lead and can only carry a finite amount of items on their person.

Sick of walking everywhere? Need someone to hold your baggage? Then it's time to get a horse! Getting a horse


You can order them at various stables around Thrael; most for under 20,000 crowns. Simply find a stable and read the sign: it'll list the available mounts.

Smaller races will want either donkeys (Sold in Trapper's) or keilhounds (Sold in Briarbrook)

Once you own a mount, you'll want to name it.


Keep in mind that there are a variety of horses that require different amounts of Animal Handling skill to ride. Geldings require the least amount of skill, while Stallions require the most.

To mount your horse, mearly use the mount <horse's name> command. To pull another character onto the horse, use pull <character>

Other commands

To raise your animal handling skill, you can feed any horse by holding most plants in your hand and entering feed my <plant> to <horse's name>. Keilhounds will eat most meats.

To make your horse perform an action, command <name> <action> You can appraise your mount to show what commands it will take. Horses

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