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Three moons orbit the planet of Thrael, creating triple tides that vary in intensity, sometimes enhancing one another and sometimes canceling one another out. The moons also affect the magical essence of the planet, their waxing and waning influencing the efficacy of certain spells.


The first and smallest of the moons of Thrael, Tael was formed nearly at the same time as the planet itself. The only one of Thrael's orbiting lunar bodies that appears to be inhabitable, Tael, shrouded in dense silver, green and teal mists, is comprised mostly of water and ice. When visible in the sky at Solas' dawning or setting, these mists become tinted by the rays of the sun and glow in brilliant shades of flaming red and magenta. In its natural face, individuals have reported the vague outline of a dove, a resplendent waterfall and a weeping willow tree.

The Taelian moon has a rotation of twenty-four hours, circling Thrael once a day, and it has a revolution of thirty days from new moon to new moon. Tael waxes full on the twenty-first of Deatre and is associated with spring planting and celebration of the lighter, milder months of the year.

Children of Tael are often categorized as flighty or indecisive, but beneath this exterior, they are often quite solid individuals. They tend not to allow their environment to draw from their upbeat outlook on life and enjoy music making, poetry, and both the higher and aesthetic forms of beauty. They typically have a very broad range of interests, and their natural standards of conduct tend to predispose that whatever interests they hold, they will master.

A true Taelian always places very serious regard upon his or her career. The diplomacy garnered from this behavior makes them invaluable advisors and confidants. On the surface, they are not overly excitable individuals, preferring to study their options and choose the best course of action from a detailed set of information. However, the very nature of a Taelian is mutable like water, and this makes the moon's children masters and mistresses of disguise when it comes to divulging their true feelings on a matter.

For this reason, Tael's children are often perceived by individuals outside of their spheres as untrustworthy for, at times, it may seem as if they possess a thousand masks, which are tailored for the viewing pleasure of those in their company. In most instances, this conduct is not completely self-serving. Rather, it is due more to the insatiable urge that many Taelians feel to please and impress those around them. Their life challenge is to overcome this tendency as well as guarding against a predisposition toward dependency.


During the Fifth Major Cataclysm, and largely believed to have been an act of revenge perpetrated by the last of the First Dragyns, a devastating breech of major essence erupted the layline along the western coast of what is now Quesalia, causing an enormous rupture in Thrael's crust. Massive explosions ensued, spewing a major chunk of land to rocket into the atmosphere where its irradiated mass of debris eventually coalesced during the Age of Ice into Tallow, Thrael's second moon.

Ringed with an icy white aura, the glowing pale golden Tallow moon shines like a good beacon in the heavens. The largest moon in the sky, her bulk is the easiest to discern in the night, thus prompting the use of this particular moon as a navigation device to seafarers all over Thrael. In its face, individuals have reported the vague outline of a seven-armed starfish, an immense starburst and an arrangement of golden coins.

The moon Tallow waxes full on the twenty-first day of Kolbre and is associated with the fruitful autumn harvest season and the declining portion of the year. It has a rotation of eighteen hours and a revolution of twenty-eight days.

Children of Tallow are dependable, earth-tied and blessed by a relentless gift for strategy. In a time of crisis, individuals associated with this Moon will readily have a plan or possess the ability to conceive of one quickly.

They find little use for Thrael's other mortal inhabits, whom they view as standing in the way of Beade through the structural ties of society. As such, many of them feel little or no intense longing to pair bond with anything beyond the elements of their environment and other Tallow. Loners by nature, they possess a great understanding of other individuals and can often discern the motives of another person at a glance. Despite their secular view of existence, when a Tallowian does extend their sphere to accept a mate and reproduce, they generally make remarkable lovers and doting parents, treating their family unit as an extension of themselves.

A strict child of Tallow never forces an occurrence. To do so, would undermine the progression of Beade's will. Further, individuals born under this moon often choose to take their repose in the open or within temporary shelters built from natural materials. They are extremely practical in nature, utilizing any and all of the materials of their environment and typically have a very well developed sense of humor among like-minded individuals.

The life challenge for a true Tallow is two-fold. First, they need to learn to accept change. Second, they need to learn to open themselves up to the thoughts and feelings of other individuals. Tallow children, not surprisingly, do not share well. The resources distribution of their environment and the amount of seclusion in which they dwell all contribute to the factors that determine the degree of this limitation for the individual.


In the time of chaos, in the time of the treacherous Wyrms, in the time of her benevolence, blood red Tempest was created by Vaen; the dark satellite radiating heat to warm the atmosphere of Thrael and cause the glaciers to begin to recede. Entrusted to Serene, whose breath cooled and calmed its surface, the somber third moon of Thrael was set into the heavens to cast its luminous azure glow upon Mother Beade. When the summer sky crackles with red lights, some claim that the smoldering interior fires imparted to Tempest by Vaen are escaping its cooled crust. And in its shape, prophets have seen the vague outline of the Great Wyrm, wreathed in crimson flame, and swallowing its own tail. This phenomenon has given rise to the child's nursery rhyme and game, "Circle Wyrm, Catch Me."

Said to house the Throne of Serene, the Tempest Moon waxes full and is honored on the first day of Morde each year in a ceremony teeming with the famous aqua, blue and silvery colors associated with the sphere. Tempest has a rotation of fourteen hours and a revolution of ten days.

The Moon itself is analogous with New Beginnings and Initiation. Individuals born under this Moon are said to be warlike aggressors, who often live by a policy of taking what they want from their environment. Their "environment" of course, modifies their basic traits, but the Children of the Tempest Moon are often categorized as eccentrics. They are sudden love, hate, passion, rage and all other matters ruled by emotion. They are also, however, predisposed toward possessing great minds that are versed in strategy and deliberation. Explosive and adventurous, the dark moon's scion is self-disciplined with a strong, almost fanatical consideration for those individuals that they choose to take into the sphere of their lives.

Notoriously categorized as being narrow-minded, this tendency is only magnified when they congregate in groups, whereby they can often be found competing to determine which one of them is "the best" or "the strongest" or, in some cases, "the most deranged."

The life challenge of a Tempest child is to overcome their natural tendency to dominate and enforce as well as learning to forgive. The Universe itself houses a limitless expanse of knowledge, and Tempest Children often believe wrongly that their way is the best way and only way to approach a problem, as it always is with the true fanatic.

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