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Welcome to Thrael and Unwritten Legends.


Creating your Character

Congratulations, you're in chargen. This is where you'll build your character. First and foremost, there is an out-of-character channel, gamehelp, which can be used with the syntax gamehelp. If you have any questions, ask in gamehelp and there will most likely be a player able to answer your questions or guide you in the right direction.


This section of the chargen is where you select the aesthetic details of your character such as race, appearance, handedness, and your patron moon. These details, with the exception of race, have no mechanical effect on your character; they are for roleplay purposes only. Your chosen race might apply a small modifier to the max rank and learn rate of some of your skills; these details can be found in the individual race's page.

Note: The only exception to the above is the choice of a Nymph character; they cannot become an Empath.


This section of the chargen is where you will choose your profession, your 'class'. This is the core mechanical decision you make; all further choices will simply fine tune how your character interacts with the world. Each profession has a set of tags, spell circles, and skills. Each profession has a certain affinity for each skill, determining its base max rank and learn rate. These are important to consider in the context of how you want to play, in character and out. A timid character might be awkward to play with a berserker profession, but if you enjoy brutal melee combat there isn't a better profession.


Stats are the foundation of your character's mechanical ability. Every roll you make receives a bonus from one of your stats. A negative bonus will lower your offense and defense on your rolls; this can be very painful until you reach a level where your skill ranks can offset the negative bonus. Note that the negative bonus still applies, and your maximum offense or defense will be lower than it theoretically could be; it requires a tradeoff.

You must choose either Physical Primary or Mental Primary for your stats. Discussion of how each profession can be rolled can be found in the profession's article.

Innate Skills

Innating a skill is an extremely powerful option. In particular, innating a skill doubles the learn rate and sets the max ranks to, at minimum, 8 * character_level. Innating a skill can shore up a desired talent that the profession is normally bad at, or it can supercharge a skill that a profession excels in.

It's highly recommend that you innate your primary offense and primary defense skill. Empaths should innate Melee Weapons and Shields, wizards should innate Gnosis and Sorcery. Once primary skills are innated, you are free to distribute innates into skills that will compliment how you wish to play your character. An aspiring musician may want Lore, as it is essential for the using of musical instruments; a cleric that wants to open an apothecary and brew curative elixirs would innate Alchemy. This is also where you can improve bad skills; if your profession has a poor affinity for Fishing or Skinning, two good money-making methods available at all levels, you might consider innating one or both.

Brace Yourself

At this point, you can review your choices in the chargen menu and make sure you have chosen what you want. Rerolls are free, and your inventory will persist across rerolls, but you may not be too happy about having to reroll after 20 levels when you realize you innated skills incorrectly or find you're unhappy with your description. Once you've finalized your choices, complete the chargen and prepare to enter the world of Unwritten Legends.

Entering the World

At this point, you will find the maps useful.

If you have just completed char-gen, you will find yourself in Kemstead. This is a small town just to the west of Kaezar, and it is a general "newbie area", surrounded by non-aggressive, weak monsters and populated with a helpful tour guide and other NPCs that have goods a new player might need.

Sensing and Interacting with the world

Interacting with a textual world takes some getting used to. The primary commands are look, get, drop, and any of the following movement commands: climb, jump, go, and the full or shortened name of any cardinal directions (southwest or sw for example).

A Tour of the Town

Referring to the maps and using the pathfind command, find your way to item 10 on the Kemstead map. There you will find Ezra the tour guide as well as an NPC inside the orange door (go door) that you can ask questions about the world and how to interact with it. For help, read sign to find out what topics are available..

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